2014 Barbados Land Review

2014 Barbados Land Review

With over 1,100 plots of land for sale in Barbados as of March 2014, Barbados Property Search have conducted an analysis of the current state of land sales in Barbados.

Average Land Costs in Barbados by Parish

Shown below we have the current average cost for land in Barbados by parish as of March 2014. This data is constructed from the 1101 listings of land for sale on Barbados Property Search.

barbados land cost by parish

While representing an average across parishes is useful for a high-level overview, obviously it does not give the full picture as it is averaging inland properties with coastal properties in the same group.

Of interest is perhaps the number of properties currently being listed in each parish, with only a small number (9) in St. Joseph and currently no land for sale listed in St. Andrew - for reference, the average $US/sq.ft. in St. Andrew in our 2013 report was $8.89.

The results are made up of listings from:-

St. Thomas196
St. James156
St. Philip152
St. Michael101
St. George95
St. Peter66
St. Lucy35
St. John19
St. Joseph9
St. Andrew0

Land for sale by density in Barbados

The map to the right shows the density of properties for sale used in this survey. Constructed from the data/locations of the 1100+ land lots for sale on the website, the interactive heat map details their distribution throughout the island.

As can be seen, there is a distinct lack of properties currently on the market in both St. Andrew and St. Joseph.

Top 5 Most sq.ft/$ Land in Barbados - March 2014

Top 5 Most Expensive $/sq.ft Land in Barbados - March 2014

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