Barbados Real Estate Analysis - Barbados land prices

Barbados Real Estate Analysis - Barbados land prices

With over 1,000 plots of land for sale in Barbados as of March 2013, Barbados Property Search have conducted an analysis of costs per square foot.

Average Land Costs in Barbados by Parish

Shown below we have the current average cost for land in Barbados by parish as of March 2013.

St. James$44.79
St. Michael$21.78
Christ Church$18.53
St. Joseph$17.72
St. Peter$15.44
St. Thomas$13.42
St. George$11.10
St. Philip$10.75
St. Andrew$8.89
St. Lucy$8.69
St. John$8.59
barbados land cost by parish

Land Cost Average in Barbados by Location

The data used in this report is the analysis of submitted properties to Barbados Property Search by local Bajan realtors and personal land sales. Using this inventory of 1,000 Barbados land lot sales the graphs and diagrams you see have been generated.

The results, while not surprising, make interesting reading. The cost/square foot of land is predictably higher on the West Coast of Barbados and in the centre of Bridgetown. With the centre, north and east of the island giving considerably more land for your dollar. Naturally, all coastline property on the island has a premium cost.

It is quite telling that 4 out of the 5 most expensive land sales when looked at from a cost/square foot perspective are in St James.

Top 5 Most sq.ft/$ Land in Barbados (the most land for your money) - March 2013

Top 5 Most Expensive $/sq.ft Land in Barbados - March 2013

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