Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us and we will answer it for you!

ZERO. does not, and will never, charge any commision or fee for a successful rental or sale. All communication is direct between the advertiser and the potential client.

To remove you property/properties you can click 'My Properties' (under the 'My Account' item on the main menu). Fromt his screen you can edit and/or delete the property. This will delete the listing and all associated imagery from the database completely.

Depending on what type of account you have, you may have created the maximum amount of listings you are allowed. Please see the comparison of account types to for a reference. You may wish to remove some of your old listings, or, alternatively, upgrade to a higher level of account.

Each account can have a business profile. Depending on your account type you will have different options available to you

To edit your profile :-

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select 'Edit My Business Profile' from the 'My Account' -> 'My Details' menu item.
  3. Edit your profile, when finished click the 'save' button.

Visitors can post reviews and rate vacation properties. This is a service provides for our users. Both positive and negative reviews can be posted and these are limited to one post per computer (limited by IP address). The posted reviews are checked for relevance by our administrators before being published.

Realtors can moderate reviews as they see fit. Home users may reply to their reviews, or, if you believe the review is excessively unfair or needs to be reported please contact us and we will review it.

Yes, this is a free feature that we offer to our Platinum Realtor members:- We can integrate with your site, via RSS or CSV and have the listings from your primary site automatically integrated into those on BarbadosPropertySearch - you enter the properties as per normal on your site, and then they will automatically appear on our listings - no need to enter the information or upload the images twice.
Please contact us to discuss as each integration is unique.

This is a feature we offer to our Platinum Realtor members. You can upload banner and block advertisements that are displayed througout the site.

To upload your adverts, use the 'Edit My Business Profile' menu item under the 'My Account' -> 'My Details' menu drop down. Once in your business profile you can upload adverts from the 'Business Adverts' tab.

You can edit the seasons to your specific requirements on your Profile. Go to the 'Edit My Business Profile' menu item under 'My Account' -> 'My Details' then click on your profile and 'Rental Information'. Simply enter the dates you wish the seasons to run to.

We use default dates for the Winter, Summer and Christmas Seasons if you have not set specific ones. The default dates are :-

  • Winter Season -  11th January to 14th April.
  • Summer Season - 15th April to 14th December.
  • Christmas Season - 15th December to 10th January.

Our Realtor and Platinum Realtor accounts allow you to add a marker for each of your business locations. Go to your Business Profile and click the 'Add Another Item' button underneath the map location chooser to add another location. Your Business Profile can be found from the 'My Details' menu item under 'My Account' -> 'Edit My Business Profile'.

When you edit your property, there is a drop-down for 'Property Status' with the options of 'Live', 'Under Offer', 'Sold', 'Rented', 'Offline'.
If you set the property to 'Under Offer' it will display this in the image(s) of the property and on the property details.
If you set the property to 'Sold' or 'Rented' it will no longer appear on the listings.
If you set the property so 'Offline' it will not appear in any listings site-wide.
You can also 'delete' the property entirely using the 'Delete' button at the bottom of the edit screen.
If you are a Premium Realtor using our automated service, the property will update automatically within the next 24hours, or, alternatively, you can contact us to request an immediate auto-update.

We offer free accounts for home/light users and two different types of paid accounts for realtors, the comparison page shows the benefits of each account type.


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