The Future of Real Estate Videos?

The Future of Real Estate Videos?

Above Barbados have brought to market some amazing new drone technology that allows for complete walk-throughs of villas - inside and out.

These "one-shot" aerial videos can fly through the villa, through each room with the tightest of space and then continue outside all in one shot giving an unprecedented view of a property. Flying through doors, out of windows and around furniture they are really immersive. They are also safe and stable enough to fly around people/actors should your shoot require it. 

See below for some incredible examples -

The technology involves the use of specialised micro-drones that are extremely stable and maneouvrable in tight spaces. They carry a high definition camera and are controlled by the operator using a remote contoller and immersive virtual reality style goggles. 

Contact Above Barbados today about their Barbados real estate drone videos to get yours booked!

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