5 Reasons why you should include video in your real estate listing

5 Reasons why you should include video in your real estate listing

Why use real estate video?

In addition to the research proving that having professional video and still photography can increase the final sale price of a property, there are other reasons why real estate video is an essential tool for today's real estate agent.

1. Real estate video Is a 24/7 open house

An open house or scheduled visit are great ways to get potential buyers into your listing. With online video however, your potential buyers can get a preview of the property from anywhere in the world at any hour of the day. It's a great way to prompt enquiries - "The video looks great, I must see this property when I'm in Barbados nex month!"

2. Motion and Music

Still photos can't convey motion; waves lapping the shore of a beachfront property, waving palm trees casting shadows over a hammock slung in the shade, monkeys playing on the golf course - all evocative imagery that cannot be communicated as effectively with still photos.

Coupled with the right background music and even narration, the real estate video can convey much more than a list of amenities and property features, which people tend not to focus on while researching property sales and rentals online.

3. Search Engine visibility

More and more search engine results these days include links to video - do a search on "how to make banana bread" for example, and the first three results are video links . Having real estate video increases the online visibility of your property, and will do so with increasing frequency as time goes on. Video can also be a way to 'jump' the search engine results which can traditionally take some time, and considerable effort, to top.

4. Layout and Location

More so than a series of photos, video can show the proximity of the kitchen to the dining room, the verandah to the pool and so on. Panoramic panning shots can show the master bedroom leading out to the deck with a magnificent ocean view. Again, only slices of these views can be shown with photography.

5. Being progressive

Even though widely in use in the US and UK, not many realtors in the Caribbean have embraced real estate video. Having real estate video on your website brands you as a progressive realtor who is making best efforts in marketing your clients' sale or rental property.

Barbados Property Search

Barbados Property Search allows the inclusion of video from various platforms - YouTube, Vimeo and more - these can be automatically integrated from your existing website, or, added manually. A perfect example of real estate video and it's effectiveness can be seen on the Apt 111, The Condominiums at Palm Beach, Christ Church listing, with video provided by VTCaribbean.

video by VTCaribbean

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