Bottom Bay, Barbados - one of the world's most beautiful beaches

Bottom Bay, Barbados - one of the world's most beautiful beaches

Bottom Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados. It can be found in between Palmetto Bay and Cave Bay on the South East Coast.

Getting There:

Buses do run close (but not directly) - head in the direction of Sam Lords Castle. It would be a good idea to ask the bus driver to let you know the best stop to get off at (they'll most likely drop you at the top of the road that leads directly to bottom bay, just a short walk).

If you have a car while on holiday in Barbados, it is very straight-forward to get there and you can drive right to the cliff overlooking the beach. You take Highway 5 past the airport, past the Crane and then look on your right for the signs as you approach.

The Beach:

The beach is enclosed by coral cliffs but has a set of steps going to down to it. It is always surprisingly quiet there, rarely seeing more than a couple of other people – if any. There are no facilities close by so be sure to carry any food/drinks you would like while you are there.

The quiet beach is stunning and well worth a trip for anyone visiting Barbados, it is one of the most picturesque spots on the island. The water tends to be quiet rough so swimming is not recommended although you can wade about in the shallows – just be careful to watch the waves so a big one doesn't catch you out and it is certainly not recommended for small children to get in the water here.

Close by is Harrismiths House and beach which can be walked over to and viewed while visiting Bottom Bay.


The Crane resort is close by and various rental properties in and around Bottom Bay including the glorious Bottom Bay House overlooking the bay. There are also a number of houses for sale in the Bottom Bay area.

Be sure to make Bottom Bay a stop on your island tour while visiting beautiful Barbados!

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