Rices Gardens Lot 36


Listed By

Listed By: Ron Stoutes
Telephone: +1 (246) 423-6800 / (246) 423-6215
Email: inquiries@ronstoute.com

Key Features

Property Status: Sold
Property Type: Land
Location: Saint Philip
Land Area: 5,491 sq. ft.

Sale Information

Sale Price: $44,500 US
Date Listed: 23rd March, 2017


This lot is located in the small residential development known as Rices Gardens in St. Philip.  You can zoom in on the google map below ro see the exact location and we suggest changing from map to satellite on the top right of the map to see more details as to location of houses etc.

The areas of the lot are made up as follows

Land    =    430.5 sq. m.   =     4,634 sq. ft.

Verge   =      29.3 sq. m.   =        315 sq. ft.

C'way   =      50.3 sq. m.   =       542 sq. ft

Total     =    510.1 sq. m.  =     5,491 sq. ft 


There is the option of purchasing the lot on terms with a 10% deposit required on signing the Agreement and payments of a minimum of $875 monthly until payment has been completed.  Note that interest at the rate of 6% per annum will be charged each month based on the balance in the account at month end.  Therefore higher payments will result in reduced interest charges.  if the minimum required payment is made then it should take 10 years to complete payment.

Property Location